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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Reciprocity: The One Gift That Keeps On Giving In Life and In Business by De Harris

Tuesday, 30 October 2012 0

It came upon me recently to share with you the word 'Reciprocity' and its true meaning and also what it can mean to you in improving your business. The underlying Rule of Reciprocity requires an individual to pay back, or return, what another individual has given them, whether it is a physical gift or a service. This rule means that the individual who provides the benefit is ensured of a future benefit from the other individual in return. This is a common rule that most people are brought up with, being taught to give back to people what people give to you. In order to take, you have to be able to give back. This is called reciprocation, as you are essentially reciprocating an action of another person towards you.

Reciprocation is a powerful action which provides for the development of trusting relationships, both personal and business relationships. By reciprocating ones actions towards you and essentially ‘paying them back’ for a service or gift that they have provided you with, you also attain trust from the recipient. This is necessary in any relationship, personal or business, as it allows you to have a deeper relationship with the other person, which is beneficial for you both.  This also builds confidence within the relationship, as you can rely on the other to always reciprocate your actions and know that your actions are never taken for granted and that they will always be repaid.
However, it does take time to build such a level of trusting reciprocity. First of all, you must put your trust in somebody to allow them to reciprocate an action back to you. This is a very powerful action and can be a decider on the future of a relationship. It provides the basis of trust and provides strength in any relationship, be it personal or business. If reciprocity is not upheld by the recipient, this can be a deal-breaker for future encounters.
As one person in the relationship may eventually end up reciprocating by providing a benefit that is greater than the one received, this can cause tension as the individual may feel as if they have been short handed and feel ripped off. It is important to avoid this type of situation at all costs, as this negatively affects the relationship and may affect future reciprocal actions. Therefore, it is best to discuss this when it occurs, or before it occurs if possible. By doing this, and deciding what each has to offer one another, you can come to a win-win solution. This great example of communication also serves to positively affect the trust and communication within the relationship, to build a stronger, more beneficial relationship for all.
As a business women, it is important to always uphold the Rule of Reciprocity and to treat it with much respect. Trusting relationships are important for building long lasting relationships with others, and this can have either a positive or negative effect on your career, depending whether you choose to uphold the action of reciprocity or not. Be the one who always takes the lead in doing right instead of focusing on being right. You will find that the action of reciprocity always works in your favor. The good will generated are the building blocks that allow for mutually satisfying relationships that form a great foundation  in your life and in business. Reciprocity is the highest form of humanity. Take a leap for you will gain the most in the end. Remember, a happy life equals a happy business!

 ~ De Harris
 WOW Network President/Founder
De Harris is an Alliance Business Professional with over 17 years of expertise as a manager, business owner, and personal & business development coach. She is passionately dedicated to keeping the web challenged expert in the know by offering solid networking connections and support through educational opportunities from experts located around the world. Make sure Follow De and download your FREE GIFT HERE

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