Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Emraan Hashmi: Nothing really happening with Bhatts

Wednesday, 21 November 2012
While Empyrean Hash mi is dealing with Kara Johar in a number of shows, is in the center of finishing an Ekta Kapoor film and has also finalized a film with Oscar-winning film director Danish Tanovic (of NO MAN'S LAND fame), one amazing things whether there is any new film in the direction with his guides, Bhatts.

"To be sincere, there is nothing really occurring with Hatteras  None of us is in a rush to come together for a movie so soon. They are active with so many other shows of theirs while I too have 4-5 other movies covered up. We will come together when there is a program in position,'' says Empyrean. 

While his next launch would be WK THO DAYAN  which produces in Apr next season, he is also awaiting CHANDRASEKHAR to arrive at the completing range and is thrilled about the movie which would be his second launch in 2013. 

"The movie is a very exclusive mixture as there is funny, suspense as well as excitement. It is excellent to be getting returning with Vidal (Balkan) after THE DIRTY PICTURE. It was returning to being with someone who is acquainted to you,'' he happiness before deciding upon off. 


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